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I noticed on Cathal Coughlan’s website that a retrospective of Microdisney has just been released. This seems as good a time as any to post up a video from Microdisney. So. Here’s ‘Birthday Girl’, live on The Tube.

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Los libros están encima de la mesa. Yo tengo un telefono móvil gris. Las profesoras de Gregory se llamas Paula y Linda. Is mise Conor. Is maith liom Pollo.
It happens all the time. Today, my teacher asked me the Spanish for ‘window’, and I answered, ‘fuinneog.’ With each class, I’m re-discovering aspects of the Irish […]

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Probably the only thing I knew for sure about Alexis De Tocqueville and his book Democracy in America prior to reading an LRB review of Hugh Brogan’s recently published biography was that he was a French man who traveled through America in the 19th century describing the political process as he saw it and thus, […]

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Jump In A Cab, Man

Taxi drivers get a lot of stick, mainly because they’ve a tendency to pontificate about things that they don’t fully understand yet still try to make out that they are the ‘world’s foremost authority’, to quote Tony Soprano. They’re a bit like Desmond Fennell actually.
Whenever I find myself in a taxi with an opinioned […]

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I know it’s a serious topic, but really, they could have phrased this a bit better….

Full story here.

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Freedom Next Time

Immigrant. immigrants, everywhere. Well they were on telly last night, at least. TV usually holds few surprises and even fewer delights, but last night saw a stack of decent programs clashing annoyingly. The last installment of Prosperity, maligned and defended here, featured the ups and downs, mainly downs it seems, of a Nigerian immigrant in […]

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The middle class has had a decidedly mixed experience. Some professionals, lover-level managers and small business owners have lost ground. These tend to be people more closely associated with the working class - social workers, teachers, store owners in working class neighbourhoods, community college faculty. Others have prospered dramatically - corporate lawyers, sophisticated tax accountants, […]

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This post arose out of a discussion over on Irish Election with Simon on Michael Taft’s C’mon Ye Know-Nothings, (18 September 2007). Fianna Fáil has produced an abundance of tax incentives to aid the construction industry. One of these schemes, the Rural Renewal Scheme 1999 (PDF FILE, 887KB), is set to run until 31 July […]

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More music, this time a little bit more up-to-date, not that I’m trying to down with the kids, you understand. If the Internet is good for anything it is to prove to me how completely behind the times I am with regard to whichever the latest tasty music thing is getting young people all […]

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Through Sinead Gleeson I found out that Mick Harvey, sometime member of the Bad Seeds and original member of The Birthday Party, was the first act to play in Whelan’s this week to inaugurate the reopening of the live venue since its closure a couple of months ago for refurbishment. The reason for his appearance […]

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