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Johnny Marr at Electric Picnic

Strictly speaking, it’s Modest Mouse featuring Johnny Marr in the line-up, but really, who cares which other guys are on stage at the same time? It could be Boyzone featuring Johnny Marr for all I care; I’ll be in the knot of Smiths fans plonked in front of The Coolest Guitar-Slinger Alive.
Check out this […]

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Political Roundup

I had intended to mention this before but a contributor to the Design Research Group blog has written an excellent essay based on the Violent Femmes piece in Slate magazine that I linked to last week. I mention it now because, one, it’s an excellent bit of writing and two, because Ciarán Swan, the author […]

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Another Milestone

So another milestone has gone by. I brought our eldest bairn to primary school for the first time this morning, and she was very excited.
Wearing her new Charlie and Lola T-Shirt especially for the occasion we made the short trip with her up on the little saddle on my cross bar as I walked […]

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Image via Meshmag’s flickr photosteam

Being a dad you soon begin to feel that you are no longer cool. Popular trends start to pass you by. The Internet is great, but it can give you the impression that you’re informed about the latest THING when in fact you’re just barely scratching the surface of what’s […]

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Disaster Countrywide

“The company would lend even if the borrower had been 90 days late on a current mortgage payment twice in the last 12 months, if the borrower had filed for personal bankruptcy protection, or if the borrower had faced foreclosure or default notices on his or her property.
Such loans were made, former employees say, because […]

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A Random Walk, an Irish Financial blog has an interesting post today about our indebtedness and the small number of unoccupied homes which are holiday homes. I add it here simply because it confirms, further, Conor’s thesis.
Random Walk says:
It doesn’t matter what any of our Celtic Ostriches say about “begrudgers”, being number 1 in […]

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They’re Pretty Taliban

It’s well known that the Taliban banned photographs during their time in power, going to the absurd level of cutting the heads off manikins in shop windows and spraying over the head of little figures on road signs. However, it’s also well known that there is a strong homosexual culture in Afghanistan.
This Magnum photo […]

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So George Bush says that Iraq is like Vietnam, despite denying the link before. That he should make the speech yesterday, which the New York Times says is the beginning of an ‘initiative to shape the debate on Capitol Hill in September’, before a bunch of hoary Army veterans is interesting.
Interesting not because it’s […]

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So he goes. According to RTE news Pat Rabbitte, leader of the Labour Party, is to resign this afternoon.
“Labour Party leader Pat Rabbitte is expected to announce his resignation this afternoon.
In a statement, the Labour Party confirmed that ‘a major announcement’ would be made at a press conference at 3.30pm.
The Mayo native was first elected […]

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The summer school opens this Friday, 24 August at the ATGWU hall on Abbey Street, the theme of which is Republicanism and Labour. Among the many excellent speakers is Dr. Emmet O’Connor, Ireland’s foremost authority on Irish labour history. This is a rare enough opportunity to hear Dr. O’Connor speak in Dublin, and well worth […]

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