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Economies of Speech

Kids says the craziest things

‘Homer loves burgers’
That’s the first thing my three and three quarter year old daughter said to me upon waking this morning. Like a lot of uptight, middle class parents I sometimes worry about the amount of TV my daughter watches. For example, after watching an hour of Cbeebies she has to […]

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This is an update on the issue of whether or not Knock Airport’s board of management is likely to allow US Military flights to use the Mayo airport (as dealt with in the article The Omega Men).
According to the Mayo News (23rd Jan)

“the directors of Ireland West International Airport Knock have stated, unequivocally, that military […]

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Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it’s getting!
Five months to go – maybe less – and Labour finds itself stuck in the mud of the Mullingar accord.
Trapped at 12 per cent in the opinion polls, surrounded on three sides in Dublin by Fianna Fáil, its only escape route has been blocked by Enda Kenny, […]

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On the day that the government issued an embarrasing rehash of spending plans and flogged ideas, Enda Kenny decided to spend his time flying kites.
Last week, Bertie, Mcdowell, and Cowen got up in front of the nation and said ‘WE HAVE NO NEW IDEAS. OUR BALLS ARE UNGUARDED. WHY DON’T YOU HAVE A GOOD […]

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The Decemberists…in January

About the Decemberists the Guardian says:
“The world faces no shortage of hyper-literate American songwriters fashioning their book-learnin’ into ambitious, whimsical folk-pop, but few can spin a yarn or hone a melody as persuasively as the Decemberists’ Colin Meloy.”
Sounds good to me.

The Engine Driver

I dreamt I was an Architect

Sixteen Military Wives […]

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For the last time…

Did I mention that it takes me a while to get around to reading the papers? Last night, rather than tucking myself up in bed as I should have done in preparation for an early start today I decided, finally, to read Saturday’s Irish Times Weekend Supplement.
In it there’s an excellent review by Seamus Martin, […]

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Musical Windfall

It’s quite astonishing. For the last week I’ve been mainly listening to The Best of the Miles Davis Quintet (1965-68). It’s weird because I’m not a jazz fan. I’ve tried from time to time, but could never cut it. For me it often veers dangerously close to easy listening or reminds me of those appalling […]

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Stories Most Vile

On Monday night BBC 2 aired Andrei Nekrasov’s documentary film My Friend Sasha - A Very Russian Murder as part of their Storyville series. It followed the Panorama documentary, How to Murder a Spy, that aired earlier in the evening and which alluded, if not conclusive proved, that the responsibility for Alexander Litvinenko’s murder lies […]

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Old Boy Master Oldham

Warning: This is an entirely Will Oldham related post. If you don’t like Will Oldham or Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy stop reading now.
I mentioned, in my albums of 2006 review, that I hadn’t got round to listening to Will Oldham’s latest LP The Letting Go, which is odd because I’ve consumed the last good few […]

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Last night Newnight had an extraordinarily revealing piece about an offer made by Iran to the White House in 2003 in which they agreed to terminate their nuclear research program, stop supporting Hezbollah and Hamas and help to suppress the rising insurgency in the recently invaded country. What they wanted in return was US assistance […]

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